Accounting Integrations

Push Sales Information into your Accounting Package

Save Time

Import sales, don’t rekey

Reduce Errors

Cut out rekeying mistakes

Rapid Tax Returns

Know you can build tax returns quickly and easily



What it allows you to do:

You can post marketplace and webshop sales direct to your Xero accounts.

How it works:

You first build a connection between Expandly and Xero by adding your Xero account to your Expandly account in the Configure Xero section on Expandly. You can then map your accounts and sales taxes to ensure your transaction imports correctly to your chart of account on your Xero account.

When you import a sales order then the order will be pushed to your Xero account and appear in draft invoicing, set to the relevant nominal account it has been mapped to. Any discounts on the order and relevant sales taxes will also appear based the details provided in the order and how the taxes have been mapped in Expandly. This will allow you to approve the required invoice in your Xero account before sending the invoice directly to the customer and instantly prepare your tax return.

When you import a purchase order it will appear in the purchase order section of Purchases on Xero. All orders will import exclusive of tax, ready to be matched with a supplier invoice.

Note that Xero Integration is not available as part of the free Expandly trial.

What Is Xero?

Xero is easy to use online accounting software that’s designed and priced specifically for small businesses.


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CSV Export

Save time by importing a consolidated view of your sales orders from all your sales channels directly from Expandly to your accounting system in CSV format.

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SAGE LIVE – Coming Soon!

Expandly and Sage Live are teaming up to provide a seamless integration of systems to enable an instant view of your business performance from Sales Order from your online store to inventory and accounting.

What it allows you to do:

You will be able to post your marketplace and webshop sales direct to your Sage Live accounts.

What Is Sage Live?

Sage Live is a revolutionary cloud accounting solution built on the Salesforce platform. Designed to eliminate low-value tasks and silos within a company, Sage Live is mobile first, natively social and scalable, empowering small and medium businesses to achieve their ambition by delivering accurate, real time information from their business-critical apps in one solution.

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