• 28th December

    How To Get An Expandly 14 Day Trial

    Here at Expandly, we believe three things: 1. Multichannel selling is for the win 2.Multichannel selling is achievable with a multichannel selling platform 3. Multichannel selling platforms can be easy and affordable Why do we believe these three things? Because of Expandly, of course! And we're so sure that Expandly can help to prove our three beliefs to you, that we offer a free, no

  • 24th December

    T’was the Night Before Sales

    T'was the night before sales, when throughout the warehouse, Fingers were whirring with a task mammoth. Parcels were stacked by the door with care, In hope that Royal Mail soon would be there. The shoppers were nestled all snug in their beds, Whilst visions of bargains danced in their heads. Whilst I in my PJs, laptop still in my lap, Was working myself into a pre-sales flap. When out

  • 20th November

    Shop It Like It’s Hot – Expandly Now On The Shopify App Store

    Expandly are delighted to announce that they have taken their partnership with Shopify to the next level: The Shopify App Store. Great News for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs This is great news for ecommerce entrepreneurs, who can use the Expandly app to accelerate business growth by easily integrating their Shopify account with Amazon, eBay and Etsy; providing one easy, central and affordable loc

  • 30th October

    This is Halloween

    On a dark, dark night, in a cold, wet street an ecommerce entrepreneur was sat burning the midnight oil, logging into eBay, Etsy, Amazon and their own shopping cart to *gulp* manually enter and duplicate new listings, check each online marketplace for new orders, individually print picking lists, shipping labels and invoices, update stock levels by hand and *wince* create his own reports: *SCREA

  • 26th October

    Clocks Change This Weekend: How to Spend Your Extra Hour

    It's that time of year when then clock fall backwards, meaning darker evenings, colder days and winter's a coming but it also means one extra hour. Here's how to best spend yours: 1. Add New Listings If you've not already thought about it, now is the time to be thinking about the fella in red and with multichannel selling being at the top of every ecommerce business' list, what better way to

  • 14th August

    Inventory Management Explained

    What’s the Problem? You have three items for sale: You’re smart and want to increase the number of ways that customers can reach you so you list them on multiple sales channels: Amazon, Etsy and eBay (as well as your web cart like Shopify WooCommerce BigCommerce): A happy customer comes along and orders all three via Amazon – Great! Unbeknown to this, another happy cust