• 7th September

    Expandly Demo: How to link eBay to your multichannel management software

    Connecting your eBay account to Expandly is easy; allowing you to import and manage your existing eBay inventory, listings and sales orders - without interrupting current live listings. So let’s see just how easy it is (prefer images? Scroll down):
      1. Click Getting Started in the left-hand side menu and t

  • 16th February

    What Do Amazon Sellers Need To Know About Amazon SKUs?

    Many sellers find Amazon SKUs to be confusing and complicated. We wanted to try and take some of the mystery out of the subject and provide some clarity to those looking for information. This month we've taken many of the questions our users ask us about Amazon SKUs and answered them in this handy Q&A.

    What are Amazon SKUs?

    SKU is a general industry term that stands for Stock

  • 23rd January

    What is multichannel management software?

    As you spend more time on the internet researching and learning how successfully grow your online retail business, someone is bound to say to you “ah, you need multichannel management software”. What is it and why do you need it?

    Multichannel Management Software Saves You Time by Linking Marketplaces and Shopping Carts

    Multichannel softwar