• 20th July

    Amazon Prime Day & eBay Non-Prime Day Recap

    What a week. Sales aplenty, a broken Amazon, the word 'trillion' entering the scene and some eBay sass - we've got it all in our Amazon Prime Day and eBay non-prime day round-up.    "We don't do memberships. We do deals." That was eBay's take on Prime Day, and it certainly didn't disappoint. eBay had a variety of deals throughout Amazon's Prime Day, including 20% off 20 retailers, feat

  • 12th July

    Snap – eBay’s Rival Sale to Amazon Prime Day

    In case you missed it, Amazon Prime Day is taking place on 16 and 17 July and would-you-believe it but eBay also has a sale on that day too.  eBay Sales Day 17 July eBay is holding its own sales day on 17th July, and for anyone giving them the benefit of the doubt for the Amazon Prime Day clash, eBay has very firmly said it how it is: "Skip monthly fees and access hot deals on new, in-demand

  • 5th July

    Happy Birthday Amazon

    Twenty-three - mid-twenties, early twenties, definitely not teens - it's a difficult age but being worth a cool $815 billion makes celebrating this year's birthday a breeze. Amazon turns 23 on 05 Jul 2018, and we're celebrating with 23 facts that you might not have known about the marketplace dominating the world. 1. They have as many as 6,000 dogs in at their Seattle HQ 2. Amazon was nearly

  • 3rd July

    It’s Prime Time for a Sale – Amazon Prime Day 2018 Announced

    After months of speculation, Amazon has finally announced this year's Amazon Prime Day and it's so chock-full of deals that it's really Amazon Prime Day and a Half. We've rounded up everything you need to know about making 16 June 2018 your best sales day yet.  Amazon Prime Day 2018 Prime Day 2018 takes place from noon on Monday 16th June to midnight Tuesday 17 June 2018. An eagerly awaited sal

  • 18th June

    Happy Birthday Etsy!

    They grow up so fast *sob*. Today Etsy storms off to its bedroom and slams the door, as it waves goodbye to its childhood and officially enters teendom. So what better way to celebrate 13 years than with 13 facts about the cutesy marketplace challenging Amazon and eBay. 1. Wood you believe it - Etsy came about following a failed attempt to sell a wood-encased computer 2. Etsy employees are

  • 12th June

    Amazon’s Choice – How to be the Chosen One

    Amazon has more than 500 million products, which is great for attracting customers but can make getting your products in front of those customers, before your competitors, difficult. Difficult, not impossible. Getting pole position in Amazon's search results and product pages is achievable by: 1. Optimising your Amazon listing with hidden keywords 2. Winning the Amazon Buy box 3. Being