• 15th February

    eBay Moves Paypal Out & Adyen In

    Following its rather public breakup back in 2015, eBay is making its conscious uncoupling with PayPal even more formal, by boxing up its things and moving rival company, Adyen, in.  eBay eBay is the global ecommerce online marketplace that operates in over 190 markets, has 170 million active buyers and has 1 billion live listings. They're kind of a big deal. Adyen Surinamese for “Start

  • 12th February

    Scores On The Doors: Amazon & eBay’s Q4 Results

    Whilst the first Monday in February might have been 'national sickie day' for some, it certainly wasn't for Amazon or eBay, who were no doubt gloating in their impressive Q4 financial results. 31 January and 01 February saw the big guns reveal their big wins of the quarter and the year, and with results like these, they definitely had no reason to feel down: eBay Making an absolute splash d

  • 30th January

    The Future Is Now: The Future Is eBay. eBay’s ‘Why To Buy’

    eBay brought the future to us in 2017, with Image Search, Find It On eBay and subconscious shopping and its pioneering artificial intelligence features aren't stopping there. Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning Artifical intelligence (or AI) is the development of computer systems to enable them to perform actions and tasks that would usually require the intelligence of a human. This

  • 4th January

    “I don’t know about that eBay so I looked on Amazon”

    So in love with multichannel selling, is the team at Expandly, that even in our downtime our ears prick up at the sound of 'Amazon', 'eBay' and 'Etsy'. "I don't know about that eBay so I looked on Amazon." This gem was overheard in a Waitrose Cafe (fancy!). Someone had recommended the coffee drinker a rubber Apple Watch strap, to help avoid those inadvertent prangs with doors, walls and slides (

  • 21st December

    Amazon’s On Santa’s Naughty List

    Amazon might be appearing on Santa's naughty list, after a series of complaints about its Prime Delivery Service. Advertising Standards Authority The advertising watchdog is investigating complaints by a number of Amazon Prime customers who have failed to receive their Christmas deliveries within the promised two-day time frame. Amazon Prime Amazon Prime is the premium Amazon service that guar

  • 18th December

    Double Trouble: Amazon Handmade Teams Up With Prime Now

    If Amazon Handmade wasn't already Etsy's nightmare before Christmas, it certainly is (Prime) now. Amazon Handmade Launched in 2015, Amazon Handmade offers Amazon customers access to hundreds of thousands of handcrafted gifts from small businesses and local Artisans. Amazon Prime Now Amazon Prime Now is the super-quick delivery service offered by Amazon to over 30 US-cities. Prime Customers can