• 24th November

    eBay’s Promotions Manager Explained

    Back in the Autumn (when you only needed two layers instead of 20), eBay announced a change to its Promotions Manager tool but what is the Promotions Manager and how can you best utilise it? Don't sweat it (in your 20 layers); we're here to explain. eBay's Promotions Manager The Promotions Manager is an eBay tool that helps ecommerce businesses to increase sales, spending and customers through o

  • 13th November

    Fulfilment by Amazon: What Is It And Why Do I Need It?

    Fulfilment by Amazon (or FBA to the cool kids) is an Amazon service where Amazon store, pick, pack and deliver your products directly to your buyers. Fill Me In Launched in 2007, it is marketed as a way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to expand across Europe and generate more sales. Why might I want to do that? There are a number of benefits to FBA, including: 1. Prime badge of

  • 6th November

    Give Me An S, Give Me A K, Give Me A U – Expandly Now Supports Etsy’s SKUs

    2017 was the year Etsy finally introduced SKUs and Expandly are proud to confirm that, of course, we not only support SKUs but we excel at them. What Is An Sku? SKU stands for stock keeping unit: A set of numbers and/or letters, which are assigned to unique products. Why Should I Be Using SKUs? SKUs have many benefits, the main being: 1. It's a simple way of quickly identifying your product

  • 3rd November

    October Ecommerce News Roundup

    October - The month of ghosts, ghouls, buying extra Halloween candy for yourself and the following not-to-be-missed ecommerce news: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me… The Royal Mail strike has been the on-off-on-off relationship story of the month, resulting in a stern telling off from the courts who decided that the strike call was unlawful and obliged the strike call to be withdrawn

  • 28th September

    Return to Sender: eBay’s New Returns Search Filter

    Recent research by UPS showed that for the majority of online shoppers, free returns was an important consideration and eBay took note. eBay Search Filter UK buyers can now filter their searches by those offering free returns and that’s not all. Earlier this year eBay announced that it would be rewarding sellers who offer buyer friendly returns policies: “We want you to grow by keeping you

  • 25th September

    eBays Challenging Perceptions & You’re Set to Benefit

    We all know that eBay is a major competitor to Amazon and Etsy when it comes to ecommerce but eBay is still battling the preconception by many that it is an auction site, for pre-loved (or not so loved) items, rather than somewhere you can instantly click top of the range, cutting-edge, height of fashion goods from the site, to the cart, to your door. Fill Your Cart With Color Campaign But that