• 16th April

    Testing 1,2,3: Etsy’s Current Marketplace Tests

    Handmade powerhouse Etsy is always trying to create a better platform for buyers and increased sales for sellers. Testing is, therefore, a continuous activity for the online marketplace but, unlike Amazon and eBay, they want you to get involved.  Etsy Etsy is the global online marketplace, that provides you with a platform to list homemade and creative products, whilst Etsy processes the orde

  • 29th March

    All About Etsy

    Etsy is one of the three online marketplaces that Expandly integrates with but less about us and more about them - Who are Etsy, what can they do and what's in it for you. Etsy Etsy is a global online marketplace. It provides you with a platform to list homemade and creative products, as a third party seller, and allows Etsy to process orders for you. Much like Amazon and eBay. New York, New

  • 15th March

    Billion Dollar Baby! Etsy’s Q4 Results

    Whilst winter was having a leaving party at the end of February, Etsy was celebrating its first ever quarter with over $1,000,000,000 in sales and if that wasn't enough, their other financials were pretty impressive too. Growing In A Sea of Sameness This is a huge milestone for creative marketplace Etsy, who demonstrated strong growth across each of their core markets. They reported a 17.8% i

  • 8th March

    eBay Spring Seller Update 2018

    Spring has sprung and showed us that it can wear whatever it wants - even snow. But whilst most of us were building snowmen out of spring's arrival, eBay was providing us with their 2018 Spring Sellers Update - of which there is a lot to update on.  Gold Standard Retail Experience Much like spring, eBay entered the room in style by announcing that they want your help (yes, yours) to create a "

  • 22nd February

    Futures, Made Of, Augmented Reality: eBay’s New Features

    In an effort to make online shopping even more fun eBay has announced plans to make augmented reality a reality for both you and your buyers and here's what it means for you: 2017 Last year, eBay delved into artificial intelligence and machine learning by releasing new features such as: Image Search, Find it on eBay and subconscious shopping but those are so last year. 2018 We're already

  • 15th February

    eBay Moves Paypal Out & Adyen In

    Following its rather public breakup back in 2015, eBay is making its conscious uncoupling with PayPal even more formal, by boxing up its things and moving rival company, Adyen, in.  eBay eBay is the global ecommerce online marketplace that operates in over 190 markets, has 170 million active buyers and has 1 billion live listings. They're kind of a big deal. Adyen Surinamese for “Start