• 23rd April

    Shop It Like It’s Hot: All About Shopify

    Shopify is one of the many ecommerce platforms that Expandly integrates with but less about us and more about them - Who are Shopify, what do they do and how can they get people to Shopify from you.  Shopify Shopify is an ecommerce platform that enables you to set up a webstore that includes a storefront, checkout and blogs. Snow Good - We'll Have To Build Our Own In 2004, Tobias Lütke, D

  • 19th February

    Woo! All About WooCommerce

    WooCommerce is one of the many online shopping carts that Expandly integrates with but less about us and more about them - who are WooCommerce, what do they do and how can they woo you? WooCommerce WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin, that provides you with an online shopping cart - allowing you to sell products (both physical and digital) from your website, as well as take bookings, subscrip

  • 25th January

    Clickety-Click: Bingo for Magento Users With New One Click Button

    Theresa's Den Its been ten long years that Amazon has held the exclusive rights to the infamous one-click button, making the checkout process oh-so-easy; if not a little too easy (we've all been there!) But whilst we were all celebrating back to school in September, Amazon was mourning the loss of the ten year patent on the instant purchase checkout technology. Hey Presto Magento Things we

  • 20th November

    Shop It Like It’s Hot – Expandly Now On The Shopify App Store

    Expandly are delighted to announce that they have taken their partnership with Shopify to the next level: The Shopify App Store. Great News for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs This is great news for ecommerce entrepreneurs, who can use the Expandly app to accelerate business growth by easily integrating their Shopify account with Amazon, eBay and Etsy; providing one easy, central and affordable loc

  • 16th October

    Shopify on Insta

    Shopify is dipping its toes into the cool pond and trialling Instagram integration. Swimming With the Cool Kids Initially available only to a select few, Shopify is testing a new Instagram feature that will "provide a seamless in-app shopping experience, from discovery to checkout". What is Instagram? A social networking app that allows it's users to share photos and videos and to follow other

  • 21st September

    Happy Birthday Magento!

    As shopping cart giant Magento celebrates its tenth birthday, we talk about ten things you might not have known about the ecommerce platform:   1. Magenta is an open-source platform, enabling you to customise and modify your shopping cart to best suit you. 2. Development of Magento started in early 2007 with the first public beta being available for download on 31 August 2007 (we know w