Expandly Reporting

Make informed decisions and grow your business.

In a small online retail business quick and correct decision making is vital. These decisions vary from choosing which products to stock, and where to sell them, to stock purchasing. Having access to reliable, comprehensive data that you can work with easily is very important.

With the Expandly reporting function you can stay up to speed with your business and make informed decisions.

Marketplace Listings

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Understand Product Sales

Make informed catalogue choices. Do some SKUs perform better than others? Which types of product should you be stocking more of?

Monitor Channel Performance

Monitor your performance on each sales channel, understand where you are making money and where you are not.

Manage Inventory

Identify low stock levels, calculate inventory turnover, view sales by SKU and more to keep tight control of inventory.

Export to Excel

If you prefer working with spreadsheets, then Expandly’s dashboard enables you to download extensive data.

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With Expandly reporting you can report on all key areas of your business including

  • Sales across all channels
  • Sales by SKU
  • Low stock levels
  • Inventory turnover
  • And much more

You can also download Expandly data to CSV if you prefer to use spreadsheet software.

Expandly will

  • Automatically collate data from all your sales channels for reporting
  • Provide standard out-of-the box reports to get you started

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