Inventory Management

Prevent overselling by centrally managing your inventory across all sales channels.

Every business experiences overselling at some time and it isn’t nice. Your business is particularly at risk of overselling if you do not centrally manage your inventory. Although Excel spreadsheets can be a good way to start, they can become quickly unmanageable as your business grows.

Expandly centralises your inventory management for you, automatically updating each of your sales channels with adjusted stock levels as you make a sale.


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Have Confidence

A sale on one channel triggers an automatic update of stock levels on all other channels.

Quickly View Stock Levels

View a single, central, up-to-date record of your actual cross-channel stock levels at all times.

Manage Stock For Kit Items

Sell your products as kits or bundles and Expandly will automatically deduct the individual items from stock.

Set Reorder Levels

Set reorder levels by product, triggering a reorder notification as stocks run low.

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Manage Your Inventory

You can

  • View accurate real-time stock levels
  • Manually alter stock levels
  • Manage stock for Kit bundles
  • Set re-order levels

Expandly will

  • Automatically deduct orders from central stock
  • Automatically update all channels with new stock levels

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