As part of your subscription to Expandly you have access to our online and telephone support at no extra cost. This begins as soon as you sign up for a trial.

We will support you as you set up your account with Expandly, you link your sales channels, and you import your listings, and get up and running. Once you are using Expandly we will continue to be here to offer answers to your questions and to help you get the most from your subscription.

Assisted Setup

Customers who want more involved assistance with their setup may choose to purchase an assisted setup. With an Assisted Setup we will connect all Expandly-integrated sales channels for you, ensure all your listings import correctly, make sure your products are linked correctly and implement standard invoicing.

Onsite Support

Onsite support is also available with pricing provided on request.

Our Mission

Expandly’s mission is to enable you to sell on multiple market places and grow efficiently and cost effectively. The Expandly Support team aim to provide the best support possible for our clients. Our ticketing system is closely monitored by our team to provide a quick turnaround to any queries or issues experienced.



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