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The best Magento extensions | 2019

As shopping cart expert Magento nears its 12th birthday, we thought it a perfect opportunity to look at the 12 best Magento extensions out there.  So, whether setting up a Magento store or you’re an old hand, we’ve narrowed fown the best Magento extensions for taking your eCommerce business further. 1. Expandly – Magento multi-channel […]

Guest blog: 6 ways AMP can help your eCommerce business’ conversion rates

Guest blog: We have stepped into a world where mobile is king and those embracing the platform are seeing significant returns. M-Commerce sales are predicted to make up 44.7% of total eCommerce sales this year – a 5% jump in one year. Never has there been a greater need for quicker loading mobile page speeds. […]

We’re in XU magazine!

We knew our CEO was destined for fame and fortune but we didn’t think it would happen this quickly.  Talking all about making eCommerce work for Xero, our very own Gerhard Badenhorst has shared his expert knowledge and tips with the accounting world in the latest edition of XU magazine. Catch him on page 108 […]

Guest blog: The importance of streamlining your accounting process

Guest blog by Unicorn Accounting: Love it or hate it, finance is a key part of your e-commerce business. Whether your great idea sinks or swims comes down to that bottom line. It’s a crucial piece of the puzzle, but it’s not something that should eat into your day or cause you unnecessary stress. Let’s […]

August ecommerce news roundup

August – the month of sunshine, holidays, inflatables and the following not-to-be-missed ecommerce news.      Pack it up, pack it in Branded packaging superstar, Arka, has partnered with shipping API superstar, easypost – bringing custom packaging to your fingertips. Unboxing experiences have increased in popularity over the past year – enhancing the customer experience […]

eBay to Xero – how to send orders

And so the end arrives in our “Selling on eBay” blog series. We’ve seen everything, from the best eBay listing tool and running an eBay advertising campaign to eBay SEO tools and eBay order management software. But, don’t worry, we’re not heading off until we’ve looked at finishing the whole process by sending orders from […]

Are you on top of your eBay inventory management?

We’re nearing the end of our “Selling on eBay” blog series but not before we’ve touched upon eBay inventory management – specifically, are you on top of yours? With the power to sail or fail your eBay business, let’s quit introducing and get straight to the good stuff.      What is eBay inventory management? […]

12 questions to ask before buying eBay order management software

You’re well underway starting your eBay business and the orders are beginning to roll in. But is managing them on eBay the best way forward? Continuing our “Selling on eBay” blog series, we’re looking at eBay order management software – what it is, who it’s for and the essential questions ask before buying.    What […]

Running an eBay advertising campaign: 10 step guide

Last week, we covered the best eBay SEO tools for getting you to the top of the search results. But, SEO and front page ranking takes time – time that you don’t have to waste. This week we’re looking at running a successful eBay advertising campaign to get you to the top of the search […]

The 4 best eBay SEO tools

You’ve set up your eBay store, researched the best products to sell, created your listings…now you need to get the word out there. eBay SEO tools help you to identify the keywords to get your listings to the top of the search results. And this week, we’re looking at the best. What is an eBay […]