• 21st November

    New product feature: Expandly setup wizard

    "You're a wizard Harry," or you at least you'll certainly feel like one with Expandly's new setup wizard - making onboarding with our multi-channel management software easier than ever.  While our multi-channel management software makes selling across multiple sales channels easy, getting set up wasn't the easiest.  There are a few integrations to activate and settings to confirm. Although these

  • 23rd May

    Linnworks alternative – how to beat the price hike

    If the Linnworks price increase has you scouring Google, searching for a Linnworks alternative offering the same functionality at a fraction of the price, then look no further. Expandly multi-channel management software offers it all - from listings, orders, inventory management, shipping and even connecting Xero with your favourite sales channels. Even better, is our honest, affordable and transp

  • 24th April

    New Expandly features | Making multi-channel selling even easier

    While everyone else was chomping away on Easter eggs, the Expandly team were busy implementing some exciting new updates. Expandly's multi-channel eCommerce software is now even better for online sellers, accountants and bookkeepers, with the following updates now live: Xero 2.1 - importing sales orders into different bank accounts Earlier this year we released our Xero 2.0 integration - making

  • 1st March

    The easy way for accountants to send eCommerce sales to Xero | Expandly

    We all know that you accountants (and bookkeepers) love tinkering with spreadsheets, but eCommerce clients take that to another level. Importing sale orders from the client's sales channels into Xero has always been a nightmare, despite the integrations, CSV spreadsheets and apps that are meant to make it easier. At Expandly, we're here to make the transfer of data from sales channels into Xero se

  • 24th December

    T’was the Night Before Sales

    T'was the night before sales, when throughout the warehouse, Fingers were whirring with a task mammoth. Parcels were stacked by the door with care, In hope that DHL soon would be there. The shoppers were nestled all snug in their beds, Whilst visions of bargains danced in their heads. Whilst I in my PJs, laptop still in my lap, Was working myself into a pre-sales flap. When out on the

  • 21st December

    Happy Christmas: Free Multichannel Management Software Trial

    It's Christmas time, and at Expandly that means three things: chocolates, mince pies and PRESENTS. Since we've already overindulged in the first two, we thought it was best we redeemed ourselves by giving, and the best present we have to give: a 14-day free multichannel management software trial.  What is multichannel selling? Multichannel selling is selling your products or services on more th