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Products and Listings

Yes, it is possible to import your existing products and listings to Expandly.

Yes, Expandly has both automatic and manual merging/linking functionality available, to allow you to correctly build up your products and listings in Expandly. This will ensure accurate stock levels across your online sales channels.

If you are wishing to use Expandly’s live inventory function then yes, products will need to be merged together to ensure accurate stock level updates across you online sales channel products and listings. Instead of merging your products, you can also link products together to ensure accurate stock updates.

If you have not correctly merged your products together, it is likely that stock levels will not accurately update on your sales channel listings when sales orders import. Instead of merging your products, you can also link products together to ensure accurate stock updates.

When adding sales channel accounts to Expandly, there are merge settings available that will allow you to merge your products by a combination of SKU and/or Title, SKU Only, Title Only or Do not Merge. If you are unsure about the best merge setting for you and your business, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss.

Yes, when you import your listings, your images and descriptions will also be imported to Expandly.

There is no limit to how many SKU’s you can have in Expandly, however, if your account is very large, you may require a dedicated server to ensure speed of use. If you believe that you may require this, please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss in more detail.

Yes, Expandly have functionality available to assist with creating and managing any bundles or kits you may sell.

Yes, you can use our Ghost Stock feature, which enables you to list a quantity which will be the lower of your actual stock level or a sales channels stock level (ghost stock). Ghost stock levels can be set at sales channel/channel account level. Your listing quantity will automatically update after each sale.

Absolutely! You can also determine other details, such as Title and Description at sales channel level too, if you need this information to be different across your different channels and listings.

Yes, you have the ability to make changes to your products in bulk using Expandly. You can do this by either using our Bulk Edit function, or export to CSV, make the required changes, and then reimport the CSV file to Expandly to apply the changes to your products.

You can create new products on Expandly, yes. Once created, you can then choose which of your sales channels and accounts you want to list the product(s) to.

We have made it really easy for you to be able to manage your quantities and get these pushed out to your channel listings in an instant. Whether this is via the Quick Edit function, or you are carrying out a stock take, we have the options available to ensure your product quantities can be easily updated and this information is pushed across to your listings automatically.

Yes, you can. Each sales channel will have a slightly different process to follow but it is possible. Our Help Centre has Support Guides available to help with getting your products listed across the different marketplaces and shopping carts and the Support Team are on hand, should you require a little bit more help.

Yes – Listing in bulk to channels is something you are able to achieve using Expandly.

Yes you can, however, you will require product ASIN information, to be able to list to this particular channel.

Yes, you can! Simply import your channel listings which will create the products within your Expandly account. You will then be able to edit your products to contain eBay required information before being able to list.

You can – You have the option to schedule for products to be listed at a specific date/time using Expandly.

You can revise, end and relist listings using Expandly, saving you from having to log in to each individual sales channel account to do this. You will also have access to a Listing Overview page, which will allow you to view and manage your multi-channel listings, from one central location.

Yes – You can create bundles in Expandly which will help you to manage quantities available in a bundle/kit to ensure that correct stock levels are being deducted as sales are made across the pack you sell.

Yes, we can. You are able to import variations alongside your products and listings and also create and manage variations using Expandly.

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