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Sales Orders and Shipping

Yes, you can import any orders stored on your Sales Channels to Expandly, however, please be aware that some channels remove orders/customer data after certain time periods (90/30 days) so in these instances, where the information is not available on the channel, we will be unable to import these orders to Expandly.

We fetch order data from all sales channels every 60 seconds and once the channel makes the order information available, this will be imported to your Expandly account. On average, this usually takes around 5 minutes however there are some sales channels that take longer to release the order information and in those instances, orders can take around 15 minutes to appear within Expandly for you.

Yes, you can – Expandly gives you the ability to fulfil orders, received on other channels, using our FBA/multi-channel FBA feature.

Any orders that have FBA as the fulfillment method will be imported with this information to Expandly so there is no need to manually mark those orders. If, however, you have received an FBM order, that you want to send to FBA, you can do this using Expandly.

Yes, you can select which orders you want to process using on-screen filtering and the bulk action the selected orders to change statuses, mark as shipped, send to Xero etc.

No, marking an order as shipped will trigger a status update to be sent across to the sales channel. The status will then be updated on the sales channel automatically for you along with any tracking information, if this information has also been added to Expandly.

Yes – Although we do not have direct interaction with your customers, if you update an order to Shipped on Expandly, this is synchronised with your sales channel. If you have set up you sales channels to notify you when an order has been shipped, this status change will trigger for the sales channel to contact the customer, as it would if you had marked as shipped on the channel directly.

Expandly doesn’t have a direct email function at present. You can, however, export customer email addresses as a CSV and create a mail group to allow you to easily communicate with your customers.

Order merging is not something we currently support, however, we are working to a Development Roadmap and hope to implement this functionality in the future.

Yes, from the main Sales Orders page screen, you can view your ordered quantity versus your available quantity.

Sales orders will stay in Expandly indefinitely. As long as you import your orders from your channels, we will keep them however you do have the option to mark orders as complete, or archive them, should you not wish to see these on your main Sales Orders page.

Yes, you can. We have a default invoice template available but this can always be customised should you wish to personalise the information being sent to your customer. We also allow you to create customisable Pick and Packing lists too, to help with your order processing management.

Once the request has been sent across to Royal Mail for approval, it can take RM up to 5 working days to approve the integration. Once accepted, you will receive an email from us to let you know that you are ready to start shipping.

We do, however, Royal Mail do not have an API for Click & Drop so this is not a direct integration. Instead, we have a ready-formatted CSV file that can be added to your account to allow you to simply export orders from Expandly and import to your C&D account to print the labels from there. The CSV has been made specifically to work with Click & Drop so there is no re-typing or amendments needed once the orders import to C&D.

Yes. If your printer is set up on your computer, you will be able to print your labels using Expandly. You may just need to make some minor alterations to your printer settings to get it exactly right.

As long as you have a Royal Mail OBA account, you can integrate your account, and print your Royal Mail labels, directly on Expandly.

Yes, you are able to set up various order rules within Expandly to help you to manage your orders and fulfillment processes.

Amazon Shipping is not a carrier we currently integrate with.

Multi-locations is not something currently supported at Expandly however we are working to a Development Roadmap, and hope to implement this functionality in the future.

Expandly is not a Warehouse Management System so will not be a suitable solution for warehousing needs. If however you are wishing for us to connect to a WMS, this can be achieved using our CSV scheduler functionality or connecting to our API. Please get in touch for more details.

Although there is no automatic method for drop-shipping using Expandly, we do have CSV Scheduler functionality available which could automate this process and automatically send order information across to your drop shipper. Alternatively we also have an API which we make available for 3PL’s to connect to. Please get in touch for more details on this.

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