• 28th August

    Top Five Ways Multichannel Management Software Can Save You Time

    If your August Bank Holiday or September Labor Day is going to be spent manually listing to Amazon, eBay and Etsy; updating your Shopify shopping cart; or individually printing invoices and shipping labels then stop right there (thank you very much) as we (quickly) tell you how multichannel management software can save your holiday. 1. Listings Management Multichannel management software allows

  • 14th August

    Inventory Management Explained

    What’s the Problem? You have three items for sale: You’re smart and want to increase the number of ways that customers can reach you so you list them on multiple sales channels: Amazon, Etsy and eBay (as well as your web cart like Shopify WooCommerce BigCommerce): A happy customer comes along and orders all three via Amazon – Great! Unbeknown to this, another happy cust

  • 21st February

    6 Signs You Really Need Multichannel Management Software

    There is a lot of talk today about Multichannel Management Software and how it can help businesses to develop and grow but realistically not all businesses are ready for it just yet. Our users frequently ask us, "How do I know if I need Multichannel Management Software yet?". Here is a list of the things we look for in a business before recommending it is the right route for you. You are likely

  • 12th December

    Killing Bambi – A Profitable Product Strategy

    You know Bambi, the darling little creature with the doe eyes and the cute face, that everyone adores despite the fact he’s not pulling his weight? Chances are your product portfolio has a couple of Bambis in it. And guess what, Bambi isn’t doing you any favours. How to spot a Bambi in your product strategy A Bambi is a product that you have a soft spot for. It’s one that you will go out o

  • 30th November

    4 Essential Tips for Small e-Retailers this Christmas

    Last year more than 75% of UK customers said they’d buy half their Christmas presents online and 2016 this percentage will be even higher. Increasingly small e-commerce businesses are getting a slice of this Christmas pie and business owners are seeing their festive sales become more substantial. This is great news for small businesses who sell online however it sometimes seems like a double