eCommerce Integration with Xero

No more manual updating of your accounts. Spend time growing your business.

Send sales invoices straight to Xero’s draft, approved or paid sections

Send sales invoices straight into Xero’s draft, approved or paid sections – no more logging in to approve drafts.

Eliminate manual invoice creation

Automatically pushing multi-channel sales into Xero on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule – even in multiple currencies – to eliminate the need to manually create invoices.

Group orders and optimise your Xero transaction limit

Grouping orders into single invoices to optimise your Xero transaction limit – split them by currency, tax, product or tracking category and use Xero’s inventory tracking capability at the same time.

Create different Xero accounts for different marketplaces

Send orders and invoices into different bank and sales accounts for different sales channels.

Assign tracking categories to invoices lines

Automatically assign tracking categories like country or brand to invoice lines in Xero.

Quickly integrate Xero with Expandly

Setting up the Xero Expandly integration is quick and easy.

Ready to expand into new channels and grow sales

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