Expandly: Multichannel Ecommerce Software for Small Businesses

The #1 multi-channel ecommerce software

During his time as a software consultant Alan Wilson, the founder and CEO of Expandly saw first hand how frustrating it was for small businesses to manage live inventory across multiple sales channels, and decided to create the first SMB ecommerce software to help ease the problems businesses were having.

“Businesses ecommerce software for global retailers”

The aim was to do what none of the inventory management companies had done so far, and provide the opportunity for small businesses to sell globally in the rapidly expanding world of Ecommerce. And most importantly to be affordable. Drawing on his knowledge of e-commerce, he developed the early concept and prototypes of what has since become Expandly. The need to solve the issues faced by small and medium businesses was always on his mind and was borne out through his designs of both the user interface, and also the overall user experience.

“Easy-to-use cloud-based software platform”

Users today experience an efficient, simple cloud-based software platform which enables them to rapidly grow their businesses by selling across multiple marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy. Expandly is now an established cross-border business ecommerce software solution used by businesses around the world to manage product catalogue listings, centralise order processing & inventory management across multiple online sales channels.

“Affordable prices”

We have grown considerably since the early days, however our commitment to affordability is as strong today as it was then. We have kept our promise to support businesses large and small – remaining the only truly affordable business ecommerce software on the market.

“Satisfied customers”

We are proud to say many of our customers now come to us as direct recommendations from other Amazon, eBay and Etsy sellers. This is a testament to the value our software offers and also the level of support our team provide.

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