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Accounting Software Integrations

Push sales information directly into your accounting system.

Save Time and Reduce Errors

the manual entry of
your sales orders.

Send Data Direct to your Accounts

Post sales orders, sales returns and purchase orders to keep your accounts up to date.

Customise Tax

Create your customised tax structure to ensure accurate tax on your sales orders.

Xero Accounting Integration

Expandly collates all your orders from your sales channels, including Amazon and eBay, and allows you to directly post the information into Xero without re-keying. From Expandly you can send your sales orders to Xero where they will be posted as an invoice, allowing you to send directly to your customer. You can also post purchase orders from Expandly to Xero and correctly map taxes in Expandly to ensure rapid import to Xero – leaving you able to prepare accounts and tax returns quickly and easily.

Other Accounting Software

Expandly’s order import capabilities, filter facilities and CSV export function make it easy to combine your orders from multiple sales channels, create an export file and import it to your accounting system.

CSV to any accounting package

Custom Build Integrations

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Shopping Carts

Expandly integrates
with 25+ shopping carts
of which a few
are shown here.


List your products quickly and manage your stock accurately across all your marketplace accounts.

Shipping Carriers

Connect your shipping carrier
and directly send your
Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish
and website order details.

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