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Amazon and Xero Integration

Expandly’s eCommerce functionality allows you to integrate Xero with Amazon to transfer sales orders manually or automatically – saving eCommerce businesses and eCommerce accountants time, money and hassle.

Digitally link Amazon and Xero

Expandly creates a digital link between Amazon and Xero, syncing orders to Xero without spreadsheets or manual input - perfect for MTD compliance.

Automatically send orders from Amazon to Xero

Set Expandly up to automatically send Amazon orders to Xero on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Group Amazon orders into one invoice in Xero

Batch Amazon sales orders together, sending them to Xero as a single group invoice, avoiding Xero's transaction limit.

Work across multiple sales channels

Expandly integrates Xero with all of your sales channels including Shopify and eBay, allowing you to map different accounts for each.

Raise purchase orders

Raise and process purchase orders for your Amazon products and send them to Xero.

Send Amazon orders directly to Xero paid section

Send Amazon orders directly into the paid section of Xero - no more approving draft invoices.

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