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Multichannel eCommerce: Amazon

Expandly is an Amazon seller tool that allows you to integrate Amazon with multiple other platforms and integrations to be able to easily manage your ecommerce activity from a single location.

Centrally Manage Shared Listings Across Amazon And Other Platforms

Make selling your products easy

Upload your products to your sales channels quickly, listing them to multiple other channels such as Shopify, eBay, Etsy, Wish and more.

List your products in bulk

Create your products then upload them to your sales channels in bulk.

Links With Other Marketplaces & Platforms

Expandly provides Amazon sellers with a central interface through which they can manage listings, inventory and order management across their marketplaces and shopping carts.

Expandly is designed to help you comply with Amazon requirements for listings, and that all essential data is inputted. Expandly supports FBA listings and your FBA orders are downloaded for reporting. Expandly also supports other Amazon-specific features such as gift wrapping.

Multichannel eCommerce: Amazon FAQ

Unlocking Growth: FAQ Guide to Amazon

Which Amazon regions do you support?

Expandly currently supports Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon Canada and Amazon Germany, Spain, France & Italy.

Can I connect with Amazon Handmade on Expandly

Amazon do not support an API for Amazon Handmade so unfortunately we are unable to pull in any Amazon Handmade customisation data. Should Amazon implement an API in the future, we will revisit introducing an integration. Expandly will however still be able to import sales orders from Amazon Handmade.

Are you planning on supporting any other Amazon regions in the future?

Yes, we are working to a Development Roadmap that will include supporting additional Amazon regions in the future. If you have a specific Amazon region you wish you connect with, please get in contact to let us know.

Do you support Amazon Australia as a region?

No, not currently however we are working to a Development Roadmap that will include supporting additional Amazon regions in the future.

Can I use Expandly to copy products to Amazon

Yes you can, however, you will require product ASIN information, to be able to list to this particular channel.

Can I mark Amazon orders as FBA?

Any orders that have FBA as the fulfillment method will be imported with this information to Expandly so there is no need to manually mark those orders. If, however, you have received an FBM order, that you want to send to FBA, you can do this using Expandly.

Do you support Amazon Shipping?

Amazon Shipping is not a carrier we currently integrate with.

Does Expandly bring in Amazon fees and push these to Xero?

Expandly does not currently pull fees from the sales channels, and therefore will not push this information to Xero. This is something we are working on in our Development Roadmap and hope to implement in the future. For the time-being, we recommend you process these as a bill or journal based on the invoice or settlement statement provided by your sales channel or payment provider.

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