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Case Study Accounting Success

How an accountant with eCommerce clients uses Expandly to maintain full visibility and understanding of sales across channels and territories.


Prior to using Expandly, the client’s company was experiencing issues with:

 Visibility of inventory and sales across multiple sales channels and countries

 Tracking and fulfilling a high volume of orders

 Recording transactions in enough detail for tax

The Situation

Whilst her client manages the listing, order management and day-to-day running of his business, outsourced accountant Rebecca does the bookkeeping and year-end accounts, helping to ensure the gaming card business is VAT compliant across all the sales channels and territories it operates in.

Uploading transactions into Xero using CSVs from multiple sales channels was proving time-consuming and inefficient for the seller.

To prepare for Brexit, it was essential that the company had full visibility and understanding of its sales at a channel and country basis.

How Expandly Helped

Expandly’s direct integration to Xero enables information to flow automatically from the client’s sales channels into the correct accounts in Xero, dependent on the country each sale takes place in.

Expandly’s Xero integration also allows Rebecca’s client to record transactions in enough detail so they are not having to search around retrospectively for the right information for tax purposes.

Rebecca uses Expandly to drive the detail in Xero’s reports to provide HMRC with accurate data. This allows for line-by-line accuracy and avoids the application of a flat rate percentage to calculate tax payable.

Expandly’s Xero integration also helps to reduce Rebecca’s reliance on her client, as she can pull the data herself without the need for his involvement.

Additionally, Expandly ensures the client is informed and self-sufficient enough to run his business, which reduces the key man dependency on Rebecca. As a result, Rebecca has been able to grow her business and take on more clients. Her client is happy as he can view his inventory in one central place, his processes are streamlined and everything flows into Xero automatically. All in, this makes for a stress-free operation.

    Rebecca Johnson

    Accounting Partner

    Expandly is very good at being that pivot point between the online sales channels and Xero.


      What stood out about Expandly was that it really thinks about VAT. Competitors do it on a mass basis - you still have to delve back into the data if you want to look at it at a granular level. Expandly was the only one that pulled the data together.

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