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Case Study | Increasing Efficiency

How an international distributor of medical supplies uses Expandly to save time and increase efficiency selling across 6 websites.


  • Syncing stock across websites in the UK and Germany
  • Customer complaints due to overselling
  • Re-keying and duplication of effort
Stock was a nightmare. It was just not synced and it was all different. Expandly has made life a lot easier!
- Heather, Marketing Executive

How Expandly Helped

Using Expandly to sync stock quantitities over multiple websites and warehouse locations has provided the company with complete visibility of stock levels. As a result, they know the total quantity for each product that they have in stock and their reputation as a reliable source for wholesalers has been restored.

Having used Expandly in their UK-based operations since 2019, the company set up an additional warehouse in Germany in early 2021 to help them work around European shipping delays resulting from Brexit.

Through Expandly, the company can separate sales data and apply different tax rates for UK and European sales, ensuring the correct information is sent to each organisation in Xero at all times.

The ability to update listings across all the company's websites has been instrumental to time-saving and efficiency and, as a result, they are now enjoying high growth.
- Heather

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