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Case Study Inventory Management

How a UK-based body piercing retailer selling via 2 eBay accounts and an Etsy shop uses Expandly to streamline inventory management.


Prior to using Expandly, this company was experiencing issues with:

 Keeping track of large quantities of stock

 Managing stock/purchase orders

 Recording transactions in enough detail for tax

How Expandly Helped

Through our fully managed service, the Expandly Team helped to ensure that everything was set up properly across the retailer’s selling channels, with full understanding at every step.

Using Expandly has given the merchant the ability to link stock quantities over multiple platforms so that they have visibility of total quantities for each product that they have in stock.

The company has particularly benefited from Expandly as it has allowed them to list all variations of their products without exceeding the quantity thresholds imposed by their sales channels.

Using Expandly has also given the store’s owner, Craig, more free time to expand the business and increase sales.

    Craig, Body

    Piercing Retailer

    Expandly has streamlined our inventory management so we can focus our time on other aspects of the business.