7 questions to ask before going D2C

If you’ve been following our eCommerce blog recently, you’ll know that direct to consumer (D2C) commerce is rapidly gaining popularity in the retail and eCommerce world. Is your manufacturing business ready to jump on the bandwagon and join the hype? Find out with these 7 questions to ask before going D2C.  Recap – what is […]

How to take your brand direct to consumer

Contents What is direct to consumer? Why has direct to consumer become so popular? Which brands are selling direct to consumer? Are you ready to go direct to consumer? Where to sell direct to consumer Managing direct to consumer sales Integrating other systems and processes Integrating other parts of your business Selling direct to consumer […]

The future of retail: Direct-to-consumer (D2C)

Direct to consumer (D2C) is the latest buzzword in the retail industry, and with good reason. High street stores are closing at an alarming rate, eCommerce marketplaces are thriving, and customers are becoming increasingly motivated by personalised brand experiences. D2C commerce enables traditional manufacturers to take advantage of this current state of retail by selling […]