• 7th February

    How to increase Shopify conversions – 7 tips from a Shopify Plus expert

    With cart abandonment rates now at a shockingly high 69.89%, improving your ecommerce store’s conversion rate is high on the agenda for any Shopify merchant. But with so many tips and tricks out there, how do you know which ones will work and which ones will burn a hole in your pocket? We’ve enlisted the help of Shopify Plus developer & designer Liquify to separate the facts from the fict

  • 28th November

    Guest blog: How Poor Customer Service Affects Marketplace Sellers

    Guest blog from Ring Central: Picture the situation: you’re on the phone with customer support. You speak to a representative who can’t help you. Your call gets forwarded to another agent. So, you start your story over from the beginning, explaining again what's wrong. They can start the process but need another team to jump in to finish it. Another agent gets involved, and you explain your pr