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Link eBay and WooCommerce

Expandly is an eBay seller tool that allows you to integrate eBay with WooCommerce and manage your ecommerce activity from one location.

Centrally Manage eBay And WooCommerce Listings

Make selling your products easy

Upload your products to your sales channels quickly, listing them to multiple channels such as eBay, WooCommerce, Amazon, Etsy, Wish and more.

List your products in bulk

Create your products then upload them to your sales channels in bulk.

Order Management

View eBay and WooCommerce orders centrally

View the status of all orders from eBay, WooCommerce, Amazon, Etsy and other sales channels in a single screen. Track your orders on-screen as you pick, pack, and despatch.

Process your orders in bulk

Automatically download orders from all sales channels and batch print packing slips, pick lists, invoices and shipping labels.

Inventory Management

Use live inventory to prevent over-selling

When you sell a product on eBay we will sync your inventory levels with WooCommerce and vice versa.

Manage your complete inventory

Allow Expandly to automatically manage your stock levels across bundled items and variations.


Print shipping labels in bulk

Print shipping labels, invoices and other paperwork in bulk for rapid despatch.

Integrate with your shipping carrier

Connect direct with our integrated carriers.

Multiple marketplace accounts

Expandly supports using multiple Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Wish accounts.

Selling on your website too

Expandly integrates with major shopping carts including Shopify, PrestaShop and WooCommerce.

Sync your Inventory

Keep your inventory levels in sync across your sales channels.

Using shipping carriers

Expandly integrates with Royal Mail and other carriers so you can ship efficiently.

Amazon FBA

Send cross-channel orders to Amazon FBA.

Accounting software

Expandly collates your sales channel orders and pushes it to Xero removing manual keying. Integration with other software available by CSV.

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