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Multichannel Shipping Carriers Integration: FedEx

Expandly is a seller tool that allows you to integrate shipping carriers with multiple other platforms and integrations to be able to easily manage your ecommerce activity and shipping from a single location.

Centrally Manage Marketplaces and Shopping Carts Alongside Shipping Carriers

Make selling your products easy

Upload your products to your sales channels quickly, listing them to multiple other channels such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and more.

List your products in bulk

Create your products then upload them to your sales channels in bulk.

Link FedEx Shipping with Multiple Marketplaces & Platforms

Streamline your multi-channel operation by integrating FedEx into Expandly.

Multichannel eCommerce: Shipping FAQ

Unlocking Growth: FAQ Guide to Shipping

I see you have a direct integration with Royal Mail. How long does it take to set this up?

Once the request has been sent across to Royal Mail for approval, it can take RM up to 5 working days to approve the integration. Once accepted, you will receive an email from us to let you know that you are ready to start shipping.

Do you integrate with Royal Mail Click & Drop?

We do, however, Royal Mail do not have an API for Click & Drop so this is not a direct integration. Instead, we have a ready-formatted CSV file that can be added to your account to allow you to simply export orders from Expandly and import to your C&D account to print the labels from there. The CSV has been made specifically to work with Click & Drop so there is no re-typing or amendments needed once the orders import to C&D.

Do you support Amazon Shipping?

Amazon Shipping is not a carrier we currently integrate with.

Can Expandly handle multi-locations?

Multi-locations is not something currently supported at Expandly however we are working to a Development Roadmap, and hope to implement this functionality in the future.

Is Expandly a suitable warehouse solution?

Expandly is not a Warehouse Management System so will not be a suitable solution for warehousing needs. If however you are wishing for us to connect to a WMS, this can be achieved using our CSV scheduler functionality or connecting to our API. Please get in touch for more details.

Do Expandly support drop-shipping?

Although there is no automatic method for drop-shipping using Expandly, we do have CSV Scheduler functionality available which could automate this process and automatically send order information across to your drop shipper. Alternatively we also have an API which we make available for 3PL’s to connect to. Please get in touch for more details on this.

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