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Multichannel Shopping Cart Integration: Opencart

Expandly is a seller tool that allows you to integrate shopping carts with multiple other platforms and integrations to be able to easily manage your ecommerce activity from a single location.

Centrally Manage Shopping Carts And Other Platforms

Make selling your products easy

Upload your products to your sales channels quickly, listing them to multiple other channels such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and more.

List your products in bulk

Create your products then upload them to your sales channels in bulk.

Link A Opencart Shopping Cart with Multiple Marketplaces & Platforms

The Expandly OpenCart integration is a very popular choice for our smaller businesses mainly because OpenCart itself is free and open-source. Expandly is the only multi-channel management tool aimed specifically at small businesses and it shows in the feature set available. Expandly provides OpenCart users a real opportunity to connect their accounts to other sales channels at low cost.

Link OpenCart with:

Amazon & Opencart Shopping Cart Integration, eBay & Opencart Shopping Cart Integration and
other marketplaces.

Multichannel eCommerce: Shopify FAQ

Unlocking Growth: FAQ Guide to Shopify

What is a webcart or shopping cart?

A shopping cart (or webcart) is a piece of software that provides shop facilities that you can embed into your own website, or shop facilities you access through a specific domain name. Shopping cart software allows you to “sell through your own website” easily. Shopify, WooCommere, Magento and BigCommere are all examples of shopping carts.

Which shopping carts do Expandly support?

Expandly can integrate with a wide range of shopping carts including Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. A full list of all of the shopping carts you can connect to Expandly can be viewed here.

Does Expandly allow me to add multiple instances of the same shopping cart?

Yes – you can add multiple stores, with the same webcart, to Expandly. There is no limit on this and we have known customers have 5+ Shopify stores connect up to their Expandly account.

Can I use Expandly to get my products listed across all of my sales channel accounts?

Yes, you can. Each sales channel will have a slightly different process to follow but it is possible. Our Help Centre has Support Guides available to help with getting your products listed across the different marketplaces and shopping carts and the Support Team are on hand, should you require a little bit more help.

How long does it take for orders to import to Expandly from my marketplaces or webcarts, and for inventory to be updated?

If you have enabled our Live Inventory feature, this will happen automatically! With Live Inventory enabled, Expandly updates your product stock levels across your different sales channel listings.

Inventory levels will be updated automatically across all listings associated with the sold product once an order is downloaded into Expandly. This allows you to accurately manage your quantities across your multiple channels in real-time.

Consider over-selling a thing of the past!

Does Expandly bring in Shopify, eBay and Amazon fees and push these to Xero?

Expandly does not currently pull fees from the sales channels, and therefore will not push this information to Xero. This is something we are working on in our Development Roadmap and hope to implement in the future. For the time-being, we recommend you process these as a bill or journal based on the invoice or settlement statement provided by your sales channel or payment provider.

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