What is multichannel ecommerce software?

Expandly multi-channel eCommerce software is an easy and cost-effective solution for managing products, listings, orders, inventory, shipping carriers, accounting software, and reporting over multiple sales channels, from one single platform.

List to multiple sales channels

Import, create, duplicate and schedule listings, pushing them to multiple sales channels individually or in bulk.

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Manage orders across multiple sales channels

View, process, fulfil and update cross-channel sales orders and returns, including bulk printing product labels, picklists and invoices.

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Multi-channel inventory Management

View, manage, edit and automatically update your live inventory across all of your sales channels (including kits and bundles) – preventing selling out or overselling.

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Fulfill shipping across sale channels

Integrate with over 100 shipping carriers to batch and individually print shipping labels, add tracking information and export CSVs for outsourced 3PLs and warehouses.

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Send cross-channel sales orders to Xero, accounting software and reports

Automatically send cross-channel sales orders to Xero’s paid section individual or in bulk (to avoid Xero’s transaction limits), download CSVs for other accounting software, and create bespoke reports.

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