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Order Management

Manage your orders from Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and your website on one screen.

Collect your online orders from your sales channels and manage them all from a single screen. Expandly’s Order Management feature will update your sales channels with order status and shipping information as you work.

Quickly Update Order Statuses

Rapidly update order statuses individually or in bulk and Expandly automatically updates your sales channels.

Work on the Right Orders First

Use flexible order filters to filter by order status, shipping carrier, sales channel and more.

Bulk Print Order Documents

Batch or individually print invoices, packing slips and labels ready for shipping. Add shipping carrier information.

Order Management

Centralise your product catalogue across sales channels.

Point of Sale

Take telephone orders? Manage manual orders through Expandly.

Build Multi-Channel Picklists

Bulk select and add orders to picklists regardless of sales channel. Print picklists for efficient picking and packing.

You Can...

Work with all your orders on a central screen
Bulk process your order confirmations
Prepare your orders for shipping, including printing your order confirmation slips, invoices and shipping labels
Manage returns
Have confidence in your order management

Expandly Will

Automatically collect Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and shopping carts orders
Update your sales channels automatically with status changes

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