Happy Christmas: Free Multichannel Management Software Trial

It’s Christmas time, and at Expandly that means three things: chocolates, mince pies and PRESENTS. Since we’ve already overindulged in the first two, we thought it was best we redeemed ourselves by giving, and the best present we have to give: a 7-day free multichannel management software trial.  What is multichannel selling? Multichannel selling is […]

How To Get An Expandly 7-Day Trial

Here at Expandly, we believe three things: 1. Multichannel selling is for the win 2.Multichannel selling is achievable with a multichannel selling platform 3. Multichannel selling platforms can be easy and affordable Why do we believe these three things? Because of Expandly, of course! And we’re so sure that Expandly can help to prove our […]