It’s been nearly six months since we announced Expandly’s integration with the world’s largest mobile marketplace, Wish. And with hundreds of Expandly users taking advantage of the 300 million global customers offered by the online marketplace, we thought it was about time that we explained a little more about Wish and why it’s an essential platform for your eCommerce business.


Wish is a mobile eCommerce platform, enticing online shoppers around the world with its personalised product recommendations.

When you wish upon a star

Absolutely huge in Europe, Wish was actually born over the pond in the US. It began in 2010 with former Google and Yahoo programmers, Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang, and their dream to develop a mobile marketplace based on innovative recommendation technology. In 2013, their wish was granted, and the mobile-centred, wish-list eCommerce marketplace was launched, offering online shoppers a different way to shop online.

Shooting stars

Following its launch, Wish soon became a shining star in the online universe and became the 6th largest e-commerce company in the world in 2017. It was at this point that Wish expanded east, opening up a European office in Amsterdam. And it hasn’t stopped there. Wish boasts some impressive statistics for online sellers, including:

Customers – more than 300 million global customers, with 250,000 new customers visiting each day

Sales – 2.4 million transactions, from an average of 10 million customers, per day

Results – the most downloaded shopping app of 2017 in America

All about the app (and the customers)

With such impressive stats, you might be wondering who these shoppers are and why they’re here. Wish has a unique target audience when compared to other online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Wish shoppers prefer using their mobile phone to browse for inspiration – making Wish’s uninterrupted product feed highly attractive (and addictive).

What’s also unique about Wish, is its recommendations. Rather than being search-based, Wish uses data from social media (Facebook and Google+) to curate a highly targeted list of product recommendations, that become increasingly relevant the more customers buy from Wish – essentially guiding your future customers to you.

And, while Wish is known for its largely millennial customer base, more than 40% of its users are aged over 30 years – offers your a hugely diverse audience.

Making shopping fun

Who said shopping was a chore? Not Wish. Not only does the Wish app suggest products for customers, but it also actively encourages online shopper engagement through user-generated content and group-buy discounts. Even better yet, is that relevant products listed on Wish are also copied into its sister apps: Mama (family-orientated), Geek (electronics), Home (decor) and Cute (beauty) – giving you even more exposure.

Popular categories across the apps include:

Fashion and accessories – notably smaller items such as t-shirts, earrings and belts
Beauty products – both branded and non-branded
Bags and wallets
Electronics and accessories
Party supplies
Affordable gifts

Best bits

And, if that wasn’t enough:

Trusted stores – great sellers are recognised through a Trusted Stores accreditation and benefit from immediate product approval and increased exposure on the feed.

Advertising – Wish is reportedly Facebook’s largest advertiser, and it has a number of high-profile partnerships.

– ProductBoost – sellers wanting even more, can sign up for ProductBoost.

– No fees – there are no monthly, listing or starting fees – Wish simply charges a flat 15% revenue share on successful sales.

How To Set Up

Head over here to sign up for free and begin selling on wish today. It really is that easy.

How To Link With Expandly

Linking your Wish marketplace with your Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and shopping cart accounts is also super simple with Expandly. A few clicks from the Expandly dashboard and your listings, orders, inventory, shipping and reporting are synced across all of your platforms.

When you wish upon a star, your dream come true


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