This month we announced our integration with mobile e-commerce platform WooCommerce is one of the many online shopping carts that Expandly integrates with but less about us and more about them – who are WooCommerce, what do they do and how can they woo you?

Back in 2010, former Google and Yahoo programmers, Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang got together with a dream to create a wishlist app. Allowing users to save exactly what they were wishing for when blowing out their birthday candles, the app got popular and amongst the thousands of wanted products, the Wish team spied something interesting. One of the world’s most popular shopping apps



Users were commonly saving low=priced good into their wish lists. Which was great news for friends and family and for the Wish team who saw a gap in the market and their app as the missing piece.

Wish soon became an eCommerce platform, connecting bargain hunters with bargain sellers.

In 2011, Wish was created as a wishlist app, which allowed users to save their most-wanted products. As the app gained popularity, the Wish team noticed that the most-frequently saved items were low-priced goods. So the Wish team approached merchants with this pitch, “Thousands of people have saved products on Wish, so why not sell your products directly to consumers on the app.” The pitch worked and Wish became an e-commerce platform



Wish is a mobile e-commerce platform that connects hundreds of millions of consumers with the widest selection of products delivered directly to their doors.

The Best Things In Life Are Three

Back in 2008, three WordPress lovers (Mark, Magnus and Adii) joined forces and began to sell WordPress themes, based on their strong belief in work-life balance (amen!), under the name WooThemes.

Based in three different countries, it wasn’t until 2009 that the three amigos met IRL but when they did, things really started to happen.

Launch Off

August 2011 saw the release of their 100th theme, closely followed by the launch of WooCommerce in September – a free e-commerce plugin. Aimed to help individuals and businesses turn their sites into professional, e-commerce stores they wanted to enable anyone to sell anything online and that they did:


Wish’s mission is “to provide everyone access to the most affordable and convenient shopping experience on the planet” and this month that mission was furthered by its integration with Expandly. Now eCommerce sellers can … Headquarters are in San Fransisco but they’re dotted all over the world in Shanghai, Toronoto, Dublin and Amsertdam


Best Bits

With over one million merchant parners, clearly has a lot of fans and it’s easy to see why:

 300 million users

 10 million daily users

2.4 million transactions per day

Unique mobile-optimised site 

 OVer 200 million productsRelevant, entertaining and personalised mobile experience It’s open source – Allowing you to tailor it to your website and brand

 There are lots of extensions – Making it even more customisable to your needs

How to Install

Installing is just two clicks away from your WordPress dashboard. Under the plugins button, click Add Plugins, search for WooCommerce and then click Install Now. And, of course, they have a handy setup guide for you right here.

How to Link with Expandly

Linking your WooCommerce plugin with your Amazon, eBay and Etsy accounts is also super simple with Expandly. A few clicks from the Expandly dashboard and your listings, orders, inventory, shipping and reporting are synced across all four platforms. Detailed guidance here.

Thank you WooCommerce for wooing the eCommerce world!

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