It’s that time of year when we celebrate daffodils, curse the rain and look forward to the first of the big Q1 results announcements. First up, Amazon and eBay. 



Amazon was flying high with its quarter one financial results this month. Announcing a $1.6 billion net income, Amazon also highlighted a net sales increase of 43% to $51.0 billion – compare that with $35.7 billion this time last year and you can see why Amazon was popping the champagne.

What Else?

Amazon wasn’t just celebrating great financials this quarter – they also achieved:

– #1 in corporate reputation in the public perception Harris Poll

– #1 in the American Customer Satisfaction Index for Internet Retail and in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index

– The acquisition of Ring, the home security company

– Whole Foods grocery deliveries in 10 US cities, with free two-hour delivery

– Prime’s first-year anniversary in Mexico – Feliz cumpleaños!

– A growth of global sellers’ sales by more than 50% worldwide

– The launch of Fulfilment by Amazon in Australia

Looking Ahead

As always, Amazon sets out what it plans to achieve in the next quarter including a new sales growth of between 34-42%. We see Amazon in the news daily with new announcements, plans and buys – we’re looking forward to an exciting Q2. 



eBay also announced its first-quarter earnings, totalling a $407 million. Their gross merchandise sales were also up by 13% to $23.6 billion. Great results and they achieved more.

What else?

Like Amazon, eBay has been achieving plenty this quarter including:

– 171 million active buyers – a 4% increase

– A new product-based commerce experience

– An increased focus on brands

– A heavy investment in augmented reality, helping sellers to select the right shipping box by simply holding up their phone

– The launch of a guaranteed delivery service

Looking Ahead

The only way is up for eBay, who expects a 6-8% growth in net revenue over quarter two. We’re watching!

What Does This Mean For eCommerce Sellers

Both online marketplaces are doing great, which means that your sales on the online platforms should be doing great too. With increased media coverage, features and marketing by both eBay and Amazon, the number of buyers is set to continue rising, which can only be good news for you.

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