What a week. Sales aplenty, a broken Amazon, the word ‘trillion’ entering the scene and some eBay sass – we’ve got it all in our Amazon Prime Day and eBay non-prime day round-up. 


“We don’t do memberships. We do deals.”

That was eBay’s take on Prime Day, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. eBay had a variety of deals throughout Amazon’s Prime Day, including 20% off 20 retailers, featuring the one and only (and naughty) Google. eBay was also offering its usual Amazon price match guarantee but who cares when it was already reportedly cheaper on many items.


Sorry, something went wrong our end

Meanwhile, Amazon was having a somewhat terrible time with many online shoppers unable to get onto its website or through the checkout.

Amazon Prime Day 2018

Amazon was very quick to respond to the issue, that appeared to affect only US customers. Despite estimates that this cost Amazon $74 million in lost sales (owch) it still achieved a record-breaking day.


Millions, billions and trillions

Small and medium-sized Amazon sellers globally exceeded $1 billion in sales over Prime Day (and a half). More than one million products were sold, with electronics being the biggest hit with buyers.

Sales surpassed Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Prime Day 2017, making it Amazon’s biggest day yet and causing it to take one step closer to the big trillion.

Amazon broke past a $900 billion market valuation, the second company ever to do so. All bets are on who is going to get to the one trillion party first: Amazon or Apple.


It’s coming home

Following the World Cup, a mega heatwave and the pre-holiday save, Amazon Prime Day and eBay’s non-prime day were great events to bring shoppers back online, spending their cash.


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