In case you missed it, this month starred one of the biggest dates in Amazon’s calendar: Prime Day.

As you would expect, online shoppers flocked to the eCommerce’s website in order to gain the offer of a lifetime for them; and the best sales day (ever) for Amazon.

What you might not have expected is that Amazon’s Prime Day also meant the best July sales day (ever) for….eBay.

Partly fuelled by a competitive advertising campaign asking consumers “But did you check eBay?” it reflects the trend for online consumers to compare products and prices on multiple websites before clicking BUY.

What Does this Mean for You?

Luckily, you don’t need to pick sides in the Amazon and eBay competition for customers. This is an excellent example of why multichannel selling is so important. Whether shoppers are heading straight to their favourite site or comparing them all, your presence on eBay, Amazon and Etsy means that you’ll be there to greet them on all three – as well as your own website; Increasing your presence, brand and likelihood of securing sales in the process.

Even luckier is that multichannel eCommerce software exists to make listing and managing all three sales channel(s), alongside your website, simple and easy, whilst also providing you with the strategic insight to determine what is selling best, where.

So let eBay and Amazon’s competition for customers do the work for you!

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