Amazon has more than 500 million products, which is great for attracting customers but can make getting your products in front of those customers, before your competitors, difficult. Difficult, not impossible. Getting pole position in Amazon’s search results and product pages is achievable by:

1. Optimising your Amazon listing with hidden keywords

2. Winning the Amazon Buy box

3. Being “Amazon’s Choice”

We’ve already looked at one and two – now it’s time to focus on being Amazon’s chosen one.

What is Amazon’s Choice?

Initially launched back in 2015, Amazon’s Choice helped Alexa make product recommendations when asked. Amazon has extended this feature to its main website – taking some of the guess-work out of online shopping.

Amazon awards certain products the Amazon’s Choice badge, which is displayed in the main search results:

magic eight ball


and, in more detail, on the product page:


Amazon Choice

What are the Benefits of Amazon’s Choice?

The Amazon’s Choice badge makes it easier for online shoppers to make quick decisions about what to buy. It gives products an Amazon seal of approval, that saves the time and effort of trawling through Amazon’s overwhelming choice of items and places the product in prime position for add to basket selection. Put simply, it sells.

How are Amazon’s Choice Products Selected?

The Amazon’s Choice badge is highly sought after but, unfortunately, Amazon has not released a huge amount of information about the exact selection criteria. What they have confirmed is that the following factors are taken into account:


Shipping speed

Product availability

Return rates



Prime shipping

How do I Get to be Amazon’s Choice?

To be in the running for an Amazon’s Choice badge, you need to ensure:

High customer ratings. Ensure that you provide excellent customer service, from delivery times, in-stock items, good communication and prompt customer service.

Speedy Shipping. Offer quick shipping at favourable prices.

Product availability. Use an inventory management tool (such as Expandly) to ensure that your product are never out of stock.

Return rates. Keep your return rates low by ensuring your product descriptions are accurate and your method of shipping is safe.

Popularity. Market your Amazon products to increase sales through the marketplace.

Pricing. Keep an eye on your competitors to keep your prices competitive.

Prime shipping. Make your items eligible for Amazon Prime.

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