J.Crew, the big American brand known for its timeless and affordable outfits for men, women and children, has taken its first big multi-channel step by listing on Amazon Fashion

Customers in the US can now access a curated selection of the Fall ’18 collection on the online marketplace, providing a prime example of why multi-channel selling is a winning strategy for even the biggest of brands.

Aaron Rose, J.Crew Chief of Emerging Business, said, “J Crew’s mission to engage our customers wherever they want to shop makes Amazon the right partner for J.Crew Mercantile.” This is a prime example of why multi-channel eCommerce should be a part of your online sales strategy.

J.Crew will benefit from:

Amazon’s broad-reaching brand

Brand protection

Brand presentation

Pricing and distribution control

Increased exposure.

Why is this good news for multi-channel sellers

The arrival of J.Crew on Amazon Fashion is excellent news for multi-channel eCommerce sellers because:

It enhances Amazon’s fashion selection, furthering its reputation as the go-to-stop for clothing and accessories

It brings a different range of customers to Amazon and, potentially, to your Amazon store

It enhances the Amazon Fashion brand as one that has quality fashion retailers.

What this means for multi-channel sellers

Amazon Fashion online sellers will need to up their game slightly by:

Staying competitive with pricing. J.Crew is known for its “friendly prices”. If they’re a competitor, keep watch.

Staying competitive with shipping. The collection comes with free shipping options for all customers (and two-day shipping for Prime customers) – do your shipping prices match up?

Reviewing your sales strategy. If you’re not already multi-channel selling, discover the benefits that J.Crews has by talking to one of our team today.



Want to join the multi-channel selling gang?

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