April, the month of showers, showers, showers, more showers and the following not-to-be-missed eCommerce news.

Action That

Google is attempting to take on eCommerce giant Amazon in its latest feature: Shopping Actions. Allowing retailers (currently only USA retailers) to list their products directly on Google search, Google Express and Google Assistant, shoppers will be able to find products and fill a universal shopping cart on mobile, desktop and Google Home. Action complete.

Friction Burn No More

Shopify integrated with Google Pay this month, providing a seamless checkout experience for your customers. Faster, fewer steps and an integrated mobile-first design, this is set to improve conversion rates and make buying from you a little too easy. And with over 70% of Shopify traffic coming from mobile devices, your store now appeals to a whole new type of customer.

Start Your Engines

Amazon is delivering products directly to Prime Users’ car boots. Owners of 2015 and newer Volvo and General Motor vehicles can now link their OnStar or On Call connectivity directly to their Amazon Prime account, using the Amazon Key app. Deliveries are made directly to the car boot and notifications are sent directly through the app. Just don’t take it straight to a car boot sale.

Previously on eBay…

Paypal moved out and Adyen moved in. In this month’s episode, eBay and PayPal have signed the previously announced agreement, offering payment via PayPal until July 2023. Divorce documents, signed.

What did I Come Here For Again?

For those forgetful shoppers who reach your Etsy checkout and then forget to actually checkout, you can now send them a unique coupon code, politely reminding them where they left off. The option is available in your sales and coupons tool, where you can also set maximum monthly budgets – yes you do have to pay for this feature, which some users aren’t too happy about.

I’m Shopping in the Rain

eBay has launched their spring advertisement campaign and, as a nod to the ever-changing UK weather, it’s responsive. Linked directly to real-time Met Office data, the adverts change depending on the sunshine or rain. Either way, eBay is encouraging shoppers and sellers to “make springtime spectacular”…whatever the weather.

Talking of Spring

Etsy shared its top decor trends to bring home this spring – homeware eCommerce sellers, take note. Featuring faces, concrete, mindfulness and that seventies staple terrazzo, spring really is set to be spectacular. And talking of Esty, you might have seen some changes to the way they’re highlighting sales and discounts on your shop – fear not, it’s all about testing.

Still Talking of Etsy

Etsy also announced changes to your payments. From June your payment account and bill will be combined, with any taxes or fees being deducted from any sales you have made. Fees will also be shown in local currencies. They think it’s simpler, some users disagree. Join in the discussion here.

You may have also seen changes to the way you categorise your Etsy listings – helping buyers to find your product, quicker.

Step Into My Closet

Amazon Prime Wardrobe – featuring try before you buy clothes shopping – has been invitation-only since last year but rumours are afoot that this might be rolled out soon. Watch this space.

People All Over The World, Join Amazon

The online marketplace has launched an international shopping experience app, allowing international customers to browse and buy over 45 million items that are eligible for shipping to their country, from America. Available on mobile phones, the app will be available in five languages and have the ability to take payments in 25 different currencies. If you want to go global, Amazon might be the marketplace for you.

And with a recent poll ranking Amazon as having the most positive impact on society out of major tech companies, Amazon really is spreading the love.

But Only For Certain Products

They give with one hand and take away with the next. Amazon is limiting some physical products to Prime members only. The most recent Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe films will be available to Prime members only. The exclusive club is available for a fee and Amazon don’t appear worried about any loss of sales.

They have also brought exclusive UK rights to the US Open tennis. Access denied.

There’s More

Amazon also announced the increase of its Prime membership fees but only in the US. $99 to $119 – that is quite some jump.

And, in case Alexa is watching…

Thank you for reading. Here’s to a mighty May!

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