In 2021, an estimated $4 trillion of goods were abandoned in online shopping carts worldwide. 

Whether due to pricing issues, slow-loading sites or simply better deals available elsewhere – there are many potential causes for a customer abandoning their cart. The good news? There are steps that Retailers can take to reignite a customer’s desire for products left hanging in their basket.

We caught up with the team of email marketing experts at PAASE Digital, the UK’s first Klaviyo Platinum Master Partner, to discuss some strategies online merchants can utilise to overcome those last-minute conversion hurdles…


Have you ever gone on to a website, added something to your basket you wanted to buy, then gone away without completing the purchase? Course you have, and the next time won’t be the last either.


You are amongst millions who go through this process each week. By introducing the cart abandonment trigger, e-commerce businesses now have the ability to recapture these customers.


What is the cart abandonment trigger?

An abandoned cart email is a triggered email or series of emails shoppers receive after they’ve added an item to their online shopping cart without making a purchase. Implementing this automation helps converts customers who the business may have lost, re-engaging them with a reminder to purchase.

There are many reasons why a customer may choose to leave before purchasing. In this day and age, shoppers like to look around for the best price before completing a purchase. Moreso, take judgement of the cost and speed of delivery that can be a deterrent to many. Other reasons may include the individual’s availability – they might be too busy, checkout may be too long of a process, or they aren’t convinced on the product or price when it comes to crunching time.

How can I use email to combat cart abandonment?

To get customers over the line, here are some best practices PAASE Digital implement for cart abandonment to have a high conversion rate increasing revenue for your business:


1. Timing 

When it comes to mitigating ongoing supply chain disruptions and stock shortages, choosing the best inventory and stock management software for the task is essential.


2. Testing

A/B testing is one of the most valuable tools in a data-driven marketers toolbox. When done correctly, a business can optimise every bit of their email to truly see the best conversion rates. Start from subject lines and progress onto the design, copy etc.

3. Subject Line 

There is a lot of pressure to nail the subject line as this will be the reason the customer views the email. The subject line needs to give a nudge to purchase. The copy should be gentle rather than pushy. Most companies use a line of ‘hey, you’re missing something’. Again, try different lines to best suit your needs.

4. Call to Actions 

Another important aspect to the customer fulfilling the purchase this time around is the call to action. The call to action will be more effective when its easy for customers to find with a clear meaning (and will create more conversions). The CTA should be concise and placed prominently in the email.   


5. Recommendations

The strategy behind product recommendations is to share and offer relevant products to the customer. These recommendations can be based off the customers browsing history, purchase history and characteristics. Recommendations are useful for cross-selling and up-selling.


6. Content 

The content of the email must be eye-catching and compelling. Use dynamic content to pull in relevant imagery and descriptions that will help lead to increased conversions. Pulling in data like a customer’s name adds that personal touch of individualism that can attract the customer to purchase.


7. Incentives

There is a reason the customer didn’t purchase on the website. Offering an incentive could be the variant to get them over the line. Some offers include a % off the price, free shipping, or a free product with each order. To increase the urgency to purchase, you can add a countdown as to how long they have to use the discount.


8. Data Analysis

Data analysis is an unsung hero of a tool. Data can reveal opportunities and holes in every situation. After the trigger is live, keep analysing results to see where things can be improved.

9. SMS Marketing?

To finish on a curveball/food for thought, reports state SMS marketing will play a huge role in the coming years. SMS marketing can send reminders to customers, with the products in the cart in the text. As the open rate of messaging is above 98%, could this be the next best thing?    


Paase Digital are experts in maximising Klaviyo performance for fast-growing D2C brands.  Their expertise lies in CRM strategy and planning, marketing automation and fully managed services, and can provide a business with all levels of support needed to drive revenue from your email channel.

As one of their fastest-growing partners (and their first Platinum Master partner in the UK) PAASE Digital can balance not only their platform knowledge but a collective 50+ years of data-led marketing experience. Interested in finding out more? Email in at [email protected]



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