• 1st March

    Prices Fit For A Queen: Royal Mail Price Increases

    The Royal Mail has been at it again and is increasing its shipping prices from 26 March 2018. Whilst they maintain that they are still one of the best value postal operators in Europe (offering first class letter delivery for 27p less than the European average), it will still come as a pinch for many ecommerce sellers who rely on the mail for their business. Royal Mail Price Increases March 2018

  • 30th July

    Wait a Minute Mr Postman – Royal Mail to Trial Doorstop Collection

    Stop The Royal Mail is trialing a postal collection service for its residential customers over the next two months in Rochdale and Bexleyheath. Wait Up until now, small business users of the Royal Mail would usually be faced with multiple trips to the Post Office in order to keep up with their shipping demands. If successful, this trial could see the postman (or woman) collecting small parce