The Royal Mail is trialing a postal collection service for its residential customers over the next two months in Rochdale and Bexleyheath.


Up until now, small business users of the Royal Mail would usually be faced with multiple trips to the Post Office in order to keep up with their shipping demands. If successful, this trial could see the postman (or woman) collecting small parcels directly from your home office, whilst on their delivery rounds – set to save you even more time.

Please Mr Postman

The UK’s designated Universal Postal Service Provider, services over 29 million addresses in the UK. Celebrating their 500th birthday last year, they are continuing to adapt to the eCommerce market, introducing services such as Click & Drop and Labels to Go.

Multichannel Management Software Integration

The Royal Mail is one of the most popular integrations of multichannel management software Expandly, allowing you to:

– Send and receive data from all of your sales channel(s) directly to your shipping carrier
– Reduce data entry (and the opportunity for mistakes)
– Automatically update the appropriate sales channel
– Rapidly have your items ready for dispatch and meet your shipping deadlines
– Batch print your shipping labels

All in time for the postie to come and collect them from your doorstep – the future is nearly here!

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