The EU’s finding against Google‘s shopping comparison result practices shows why it is more important than ever to utilise multichannel selling.


An air-gulping €2.42 billion fine was ordered against Google this week for tweaking shopping comparison results so to give “prominent placing” to Google Shopping and not so prominent placing to rival companies.

Although the EU is working hard to stamp out these practices, the take away is that your chosen channel might be top of your list but it’s not necessarily top of Google‘s and that’s without worrying about whether your potential customers are even starting there – Recent research by PowerReviews found that:

38% of consumers skip Google and head straight for Amazon; 21% start at brand or retailer sites; and 6% go straight to e-commerce marketplaces such as eBay and Etsy.

Luckily, multichannel selling means that you don’t have to take a gamble on which selling channel will be the pick of the day. With multichannel selling, you can list your products on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish and your own website; giving you greater exposure and increased your chances of being top of the search.

Even better is that multichannel selling platforms, such as Expandly, turn what was once a long-drawn out process of multiple listings, manual stock checks and multiple invoicing into an easy and manageable practice. Plus with live inventories, template listings, bulk invoicing and bespoke reporting, you’ll have more time and insight to spend on the fun things – like strategically driving sales – and less need to worry about Google‘s latest tricks.

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