It’s a competitive world out there in eCommerce. New businesses are starting daily, the big platforms are continuing to grow, and online shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy when searching for products. Staying ahead of the competition can be easy – you just need the right eCommerce tools, technology and software to do it. 

eCommerce tools, software and technology

At Expandly, we work with eCommerce businesses of all sizes and from all corners of the world. What eCommerce tools are they using to stay competitive?

Sales channels

Let’s start with the basics: sales channel(s). eCommerce businesses that want to grow need to increase their reach. The easiest way to do this? Multiple sales channel(s). Whether you’re selling on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish, Wish, your website or anything in between, multi-channel selling is critical for staying competitive.

Multi-channel management software

Which brings us onto the next competitive piece of tech: multi-channel management software. Multi-channel management software takes the stress out of selling on multiple sales channel(s). Successful eCommerce businesses know that their time is more important than individually logging into each sales channel, manually progressing orders, individually printing out shipping labels and typing into Excel. Multi-channel management software takes all of these repetitive tasks away, replacing them with time to grow your business even further.

Inventory management

Following on from business growth, inventory management software is a popular piece of technology in the eCommerce industry. Not only does it help eCommerce businesses keep track of their incoming, outgoing and returning stock, multi-channel live inventory management software also automatically updates sales channel(s). eCommerce businesses can stop ring-fencing stock without the risk of overselling or selling out.

AI and machine learning

Online marketplaces are scrambling to get the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology out there, first. eBay has released image searching, ‘Find it on eBay’, subconscious shopping, ‘Why to Buy’ and ‘Shop the Celebrity Look’ – and the other marketplaces are following suit.

Repricing tools

Repricing software helps you to maximise your profits while minimising your prices – ensuring that you’re competitive for your customers but profit-making for your accountant. There are many different repricing tools out there and this guide to the Best Amazon Repricers gives you a nice intro to the leaders in the market.

Marketing tools

Marketing your eCommerce store can take up a lot of time, effort and money. That’s why online businesses are increasingly turning to marketing technology to help make the process a little easier. From Mailchimp and HubSpot to Canva and Kit – there are plenty of tools to automate processes, speed up leads and make what you do look pretty.

Conversion software

With a staggering seven out of ten customers leaving your eCommerce website before they hit the checkout, cart abandonment is a serious issue for all. Luckily, technology can help, with companies such as CartStack offering features including cart abandonment emails, exit intent pop-ups, A/B testing and real-time data capture.

Communication technology

From chasing orders to asking Alexa to reorder that kitchen towel, the way online shoppers are communicating with eCommerce businesses is changing. Online retailers are offering live chat, communicating on messenger and preparing for a future that will revolve around voice search. Join them.

Cloud accounting

Why should your customers have all the fun? Cloud-based accounting software (such as Xero) saves your eCommerce business time while getting you paid quicker. Make better business decisions, based on real-time accounting information and, even better yet, integrate your online accounting software with your multi-channel management software to sync data, invoices and purchase orders between the two.

There are plenty of eCommerce tools, software and technologies out there to help grow your eCommerce business. Get started with a free 7-day trial from Expandly.

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