At Expandly, we’re focused on helping eCommerce businesses (like yours) grow. It’s why we’ve spent the past six years raising more than $1.8m to make our product better for you.

And our hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

We’re super excited to share that Expandly has made it into the top SaaS companies in the UK, hitting position #32.

Each year, Latka analyses 10,000 different software companies around the world, selecting the very 100 of each country. And we made it.

What Latka loved about Expandly

So how did we do it?

The Latka rankings are based on a combination of factors, including our growth (ARR), repeat customers (churn) and expanding customers (ARPU).

So really, this is a big thanks to you. Over the years, you’ve continued using us, expanded Expandly across your teams, upgraded your accounts and used our new and exciting features.

It’s all down to you – so thank you, especially during today’s challenging times.

And, it’s not over yet. We’ve got plenty of big product plans for 2020, giving you more tools to grow your business and acquire more customers. We’ve already released country-specific sales tax, eCommerce automation and D2C functionality – stay tuned for the next releases.

Thank you again, Expandly.

About Expandly

Expandly is an eCommerce SaaS platform that makes selling online easier.

Connect your sales channel(s), shipping carriers, warehouse, and accounting software into one initiative and simple-to-manage dashboard.

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