We are delighted to announce that Expandly has been released from Beta and is now fully operational assisting businesses to connect their Amazon, eBay, Shopify accounts and more.

We are equally delighted to announce that we won’t be altering our pricing. The £20 a month fee is here to stay and will continue to provide our customers with exceptional value as they trade online.

Expandly is very keen to stick to its roots, serving small businesses in the online retail space. We understand that this means providing high quality small business tools at small business prices and plan to continue to keep this promise to our customers.

Expandly remains the only small business multichannel software to offer users an end to end experience, allowing them to manage all their multi-channel activities centrally. This begins with product purchasing, moves through listing and product management, on into order management then shipping and accounting. Using a single end-to-end tool is advantageous to our customers as it makes it quick and easy to keep track of all business activities, reducing the number of software tools the business needs and ultimately reducing cost overheads.

Contact us for more information or click here for a FREE trial.

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