Expandly multichannel management software’s integration with Xero just got better. The release of our Xero 2.0 update brings improved functionality and connectivity between the two platforms for eCommerce businesses and e-accountants across the world. 

E-retailers and their accountants will spend less time manually pushing orders into Xero, less time updating orders once they’re in Xero, and more time confidently growing their eCommerce business to multiple sales channel(s), with new features including:

Grouping orders

Expandly Xero 2.0 allows eCommerce sellers to batch sales orders together, sending them to Xero as a single group invoice with a combined total instead of multiple single invoices (but hey, if you prefer that, we’ve kept this option for you). This ensures that you don’t exceed your Xero transaction limit and that you retain individual invoice detail back on Expandly.

Xero Scheduler

Most excitingly, Expandly users can now automatically push their multichannel sales orders from Expandly into Xero. Simply choose whether you want this to happen daily, weekly or monthly, and we’ll do the rest for you.

Invoice status

Expandly multichannel management software users can also set up invoices to go into the paid section Xero account automatically – no more logging in and approving draft invoices (but if you prefer that, we’ve also left it in).

Individual sale channel integrations

eCommerce sellers can now also use Expandly to specify different bank and sales accounts for each individual sales channel – removing the need to do this manually back in Xero, and enabling you to create different accounts for different marketplaces and shopping carts.

Quick integration

Finally, integrating your Xero account with Expandly is even simpler. Just see for yourself:

And all of this is on top of the new design we revealed last month.

Multichannel selling made simple

We’re continually looking for new ways to save eCommerce multichannel sellers time. Our Xero 2.0 upgrade means that Expandly users will spend less time manually pushing orders into Xero, less time updating orders once they’re in Xero, and more time confidently growing your eCommerce business to multiple sales channel(s). Other benefits include:

Integrations – with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wish, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Royal Mail, USPS, Xero (of course!) and more

Listings – import, create, duplicate and schedule listings, pushing them to multiple sales channel(s)

Order management – view and process sales orders (including returns), updating your sales channel(s)

Inventory management – live inventory management automatically adjusts the stock levels on your sales channel(s) (including kits and bundles), giving you a better oversight and preventing overselling or selling out

Bulk printing – print shipping labels, picklists and pack lists

Invoicing – create invoices

Reporting – run standard and customised sales reports

Want to learn more?

Check out our multichannel selling with Xero user guide or, for an even better look, book yourself onto a demo and then take advantage of our free 7-day trial.


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Expandly multi-channel management software integrates your eCommerce shopping cart, online marketplaces, shipping carriers and Xero software into one platform – making managing multiple sales channel(s) easily.

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