Our new Multi-Location Management functionality and what it can do for you.


As of this week, Premium users of Expandly can now manage their stock levels across multiple locations from within one central platform. Our new Multi-Location Management functionality enables the user to manage products, stock, orders, returns and PO’s at a location level. They can:

  • Easily set up locations in Expandly and manage stock levels efficiently across their storage locations
  • Set up location orders to determine where to pick stock from when orders are created or imported
  • Create Order Rules to supersede the priority of the location, based on specific criteria

This means that it is now possible to manage each product in each location in its own way – all from one place: Expandly. How neat is that?

This feature is included in the Premium package but is available as a bolt-on for Standard users at a supplementary cost.

Contact our Support team to find out how you can start using Multi-Location functionality today!



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