Last year we gave you our top tips on winning the Amazon Buy Box. This year, there’s a new kid in town: the eBay Shop by Product ‘our pick’ box and we’re here to tell you how to win it.

What is eBay Shop by Product?

Back in Spring, eBay announced some big changes, one of which was the way eBay customers are presented with their search results, aka Shop by Product.

Knowing that online shoppers love to compare prices, eBay took a long, hard look at itself and realised that the way it displayed its search results wasn’t the best. Online shoppers would be faced with, sometimes, thousands of listings – making it difficult to navigate, choose and find what they wanted.

Instead, eBay announced plans to display product-based results: grouping similar items together and presenting the different pricing options/sellers available.

Show Me What You Mean

Let’s take a look at air purifiers. Previously, searching for one of these beauties would set you back 135 results – every single listing for that search.

eBay Search by Product

In contrast, the new Shop by Product returns you 34 grouped results – a much more manageable amount to sift through.

eBay Search by Product

What is the ‘Our Pick’ Box?

When an eBay shopper clicks through to the grouped product page, will be immediately presented with eBay’s ‘our pick’ – the product and seller they think best match the buyer’s search. Other listings for the same product are displayed further down the page:


What Are the Advantages of Shop by Product?

Online Shoppers

It’s quicker and simpler to find products and compare prices – bringing eBay in line with other online marketplaces such as Amazon.

Online Sellers

It’s quicker and simpler for online shoppers to find your products.

When is this Happening?

Phase one has already started, with the following categories:


Phase two begins in August and continues into 2019, with the eventual aim of this applying to all products.

What do I need to do?

If your product is in the current phase, you’ll need to associate your listing with the eBay catalogue – an eBay database that holds central product information such as title, description and image.

How to Win the eBay Shop by Product ‘Our Pick’ Box?

eBay wants to provide a better user experience and, accordingly, the ‘our pick’ box is based on what they think best matches the individual shopper’s search, needs and wants. However, there are some things that you can do to increase your chance of being pick of the box:

Offer competitive pricing

Provide cheap (or preferably free) and quick shipping options

Keep seller ratings and feedback high and regular

Opt Me In!

We’re looking forward to seeing if eBay’s changes make online shopper pick them!

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