They grow up so fast *sob*. Today Etsy storms off to its bedroom and slams the door, as it waves goodbye to its childhood and officially enters teendom. So what better way to celebrate 13 years than with 13 facts about the cutesy marketplace challenging Amazon and eBay.

1. Wood you believe it – Etsy came about following a failed attempt to sell a wood-encased computer

2. Etsy employees are provided with an allowance to decorate their desks and, as you’d imagine, they all go right to town

3. Every night the Etsy offices weigh their waste, recycling and composting – to become increasingly environmentally friendly

4. Etsy takes things offline regularly, with its ‘Etsy Made Local’ pop-up events

5. Originally, everything sold on Etsy was handmade – now you can sell handmade, vintage and craft goodies

6. They hold a monthly craft night – sign us up!

7. They have over 45 million items, 1.9 million active sellers and 31.7 million active buyers

8. Last year, Etsy revised its mission to: Keep Commerce Human

9. They have 744 employees, all working to help achieve the best for you and your buyers

10. Their headquarters are in DUMBO

11. Last year they achieved $3.25 billion in annual gross merchandise sales

12. We featured them in our ‘all about‘ blog series, back in March

13. Etsy’s having a birthday party and you’re all invited!

To take part in Etsy’s 13th Birthday spectacular, all you need to do is discount one or more of your items by 10-70% between 18 – 22 June and Etsy will feature you on their unique birthday shopping page.

Happy birthday Etsy – now pass the cake!


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