We’ve spent 2019 making online selling even easier for you.  To celebrate, we’re sharing our favourite Expandly releases of 2019, looking at what’s to come in 2020 and sharing a very special gift with you this Christmas.  


Getting set up


Expandly - Blog Image - Adding Amazon to Expandly


Getting started with Expandly is now easier than ever before, with our new:

? Setup wizard – guiding new users through the essential steps for getting started

? Video guides – helping everyone get to grips with Expandly as quickly as possible

? Easy integrations – with your favourite sales channel(s), shipping carriers and Xero.

Find out more here.


Adding products


Expandly - Blog image - Adding bundle variations


Adding and editing products has also received some revamping this year, including:

? Tax at variation level – different tax rates can be applied to different variations

? Bundles – creating bundles is now easier and can be done at variation level

? Bulk updates – update products in bulk with our new CSV designer.

Find out more here.


Shipping orders


Royal Mail logo


After months of hard work and talk, we were delighted to announce the following shipping updates:

? Royal Mail integration – bulk print RM shipping labels and manifest

? Address labels – format address labels for your printer

? Picklists – group picklists by customers instead of products.

Find out more here.


Integrating Xero

Xero logo blue

This year we released Xero 2.0 and Xero 2.1 – transforming the way you link your sales channel(s) with Xero. Our most-loved updates from these releases include:

? Invoices mapping – to different accounts depending on channel and payment

? Batching – grouping invoices to avoid Xero’s soft transaction limit

? Invoice status – automating invoice status so you don’t have to do it in Xero

? Tracking categories – sending orders to the right tracking categories in Xero

? Automatically sending orders to Xero – daily, weekly or monthly.

Find out more here.


And we didn’t stop there. Other showstopping updates included an improved reporting wizard, scheduling eBay listings for free and direct integrations with your 3PL and accountant.


Looking ahead

Looking ahead to 2020, we’ll be releasing new features including order rules, EDI first partner integrations, barcode imaging, multi-warehouse locations, user permissions and audit files. But more on that another time.


Thank you and a Christmas gift

Finally, we want to say a very special thank you to our existing customers – without you, these updates wouldn’t have happened. 

And, as a special Christmas gift to everyone else, we’re giving you a free trial of Expandly’s new updates. 

Here’s to a busy Christmas and a profitable new year!


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