Expandly case study: Cheeky Zebra is a refreshingly honest card retailer who believes in making people feel good, carbs after 9 pm and cards that don’t make you cringe.

Founder and chief sarcasm creator Sasha began Cheeky Zebra armed with only a bunch of felt tip pens, a broken heart and a belief that traditional greetings cards didn’t quite cut it (and she could do better).

And better (much better) is exactly what Sasha has achieved. Cheeky Zebra now retails through its own website, Etsy, eBay and Amazon, enabling more of the world to send smiles.

But selling on four different sales channel(s) isn’t easy.

The problem

Iconic envelopes don’t address themselves

Cheeky Zebra started life on Etsy but soon expanded to its own Shopify store where Sasha could create her vision and build her brand identity. From there, they stole the opportunity to expand and introduce more people to their products on Amazon and eBay.

However, this came with additional challenges.

“We pour a tonne of care into our orders, including the
iconic orange envelopes they’re delivered in.
So, we needed an iconic way to manage and address

With orders arriving from multiple sales channel(s), Cheeky Zebra was finding it challenging to collate customer information and stay on top of how many orders were to be packed each day.

For a growing business, this was taking up too much time.

The solution

The Expandly team to the rescue.

Expandly was the solution that Cheeky Zebra had been searching for. The ability to collate orders from multiple sales channel(s) into one system means that Cheeky Zebra can:

? Create a picklist of all stock that needs picking and orange-enveloping that day.

? Download customer names and delivery addresses in a consistent format to feed straight into their iconic orange-envelopcreating-machine.

? Dispatch all orders from eBay, Etsy, Amazon and cheekyzebra.com in one place.

The result


“Expandly has saved me endless hours

faffing around in each different platform

and trying to copy essential order information

and put it in a consistent format in one place.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Final words of wisdom from CEO Sasha

“My favourite part of Expandly has to be

the team. They’ve been exceptionally friendly

and helpful, with an attitude of wanting to

support and grow with small businesses.”

About Cheeky Zebra

Company name: Cheeky Zebra

Niche: Funny cards for real life

About: Cheeky Zebra is a greetings card retailer with a twist – telling it how it is. From life’s super happy occasions to the not so shiny times, Cheeky Zebra has the card and the humour to match.

Website: cheekyzebra.com

Instagram: /cheekyzebradotcom

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